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OXYDrive e-bike kit for 26'' rim

This is the latest product from the Oxygen stable. Beautiful compact design, great perfomance and nicely finished components, together create an ebike kit of the highest quality. Powered by 37V 9Ah Samsung 5C battery pack offers approx 30-35 mile range.

Price from : £829.00

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OXYDrive electric bike kit for 700c rim

This is the same electric bike converion kit but suitable for 700c rims (700c, 28'' and 29'' tyres). Same 37V 9ah Lithium Polymer battery powered by Samsung cells, brushless geared motor and fantastic LCD display with 5 levels of assistance and the throttle mode

Price from : £829.00

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Electric Bike conversion kits have been very popular recently. They enable to convert almost any bike into an e-bike. The electric bike conversions kits are normally very easy and straightforward to install. It takes on the average anything between 1-3 hours fitting time, all depending on the type of e-bike conversion kit. Some of the kits require more work then others due to variety of connections and cables installation.

More technical information about electric bike kits.

There are different types of conversion kits. The main difference is the battery type or actually the way of mounting the battery. Some batteries are mounted on the frames directly where normally water bottle decals are. Some batteries are installed on the rear rack carrier being located just above rear wheel. Majority of electric bike conversion kits are powered by the hub motor which is located either in the rear or front hub. Most of them is located in the front hub as it’s a lot easier to install the conversion on the front wheel.

There are also various types of baterries available with electric bike conversion kits. These can be SLA type (sealed lead acid), Ni-mh (nickel based) or Li-ion lithium ion or Li-Po lithium polymer.  The best so far are the Lithium polymer type as they offer best performance ratio to the weight and lifecycle.

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