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Reasons to buy

We have 10 major reasons why we think using the electric bikes apart from great fun is worth doing.

1. Running costs.
Cost of running the electric bicycle is just a few pence a day. All you do is to plug your battery into the mains. You don't have to pay for the insurance, road tax, expensive fossil fuel and the car parks. For London city centre you also don't have to pay Congestion Charge

2. Safety
Riding the electric bike is safer than riding the traditional push bike. By cycling faster you reduce the number of passing you cars . This reduces the likelihood of your collision with another vehicle.

3. Environmentally friendly
Riding the electric bike is clean and green. Naturally e-bikes consume electricity therefore if you wish to be fully green just sign up to renewable energy supplier. If you compare the energy usage of the e-bike with any other motorised vehicle you will see the real difference. CO2 emissions per mile are minimal and none other motorised vehicle in the world produces so little CO2 per mile.

4. No more sweat
Using an electric bike to commute to work means that you can arrive feeling fresh and exhilirated with no need to worry about having to freshen up after a strenuous trek before you embark on the duties of the day.

5. Smooth and fast
Moving from A to Z is fast, efficient and easy. You can go anywhere you like and you are definitely better off by bike.

6. Scooter but hassle free
Having an electric bike is like owning the scooter but with one difference only. You don't have to pay for the road, insurance and other related costs. It's totally hassle free and you don't have to worry about these things.

7. Keeps you fit
The good thing about having the electric bike is that whenever you like to do some exercise and ride it, you can easily do it. Just switch the motor off and use as the normal bicycle. If you are too far from the house or your destination and you run out off your own power just turn the motor on and you can safely get to your location.

8. Low depreciation
Unlike normal bicycles or scooters the e-bikes have high resale value for a very long time. Bikes in the demand always have higher prices on the second hand market.

9. Hill climbing
With the electric bike you can finally go uphill and do not regret your decision about the journey into the mountains. With an electric bike going uphill is a pleasure and makes that trip fun and enjoyable

10. The last one
Riding e-bikes is a great fun and experience. Just try it and you will love it!!!




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