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It is quite a common question if the electric bikes are legal. So in order to comply with all the regulations and avoid the registration with DVLA the e-bikes have to comply with the following:

1. The average output power can not exceed 200W (UK) and 250W (EU)

2. The motor must not work when cyclist is not pedalling

3. The motor should cut the current when reaches 25 km/h (15.5 mph)

4. In the UK the total weight of the bicycle can not exceed 40kg including the batteries

5. Bikes have to comply with the current UK's pedal cycle standard

6. The current of the motor must be cut out automatically when brake levers are pulled.


PLEASE NOTE: Currently, there is a number of issues raised with the Department for Transport DFT regarding the 250W output power. Any news will be updated on this site.








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