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SRAM Introduced Electric Bike conversion kit

Sram electri bike kit

At the recent Taichung bike week Sram has launched its latest electric bike conversion kit for bicycles. As usual Sram has set up its objectives very high when designing this electric c bike kit. The new drives system is currently still in the pre-production stage and it’s due to be enter the market in the 2013 range of products.

What’s typical for Sram they try to create the top of the range e-bike kit which as they aim will revolutionise the world of electric bikes. Sram few years back has took over older known company Sachs specialising in hydraulic brake systems and internal hub gears. This obviously gives Sram a massive advantage in the internal gearing system that Sram continued to evolve. It all now looks like the very famous Sram DualDrive gear hub might be now replaced with the electric bike conversion kit. The new hub motor will be synchronised with the internal gearing of the hub which will change the gears automatically. The result of that is the higher efficiency and higher torque of the hub motor.

What’s inside the Sram E-bike hub

Apart from the internal gearing system and the motor what drives the bike is the ‘simplicity and complexity in one’. It’s all because the gearing, motor, controller and torque sensor are built in one hub. What is outside? The battery and the power cable. So one hand it’s a very simple system but on the other very complex on the inside. We hope it will turn up to be very reliable as one of the failing parts might stop the whole system and the workshops can have a lot harder live in terms of maintenance. 

What’s the look of the new Sram electric bike kit?

Well here we have to say that company such as Sram could more about it. So far we’ve been very impressed on the tech-e stuff in the hub but on the external look and aesthetics we have to say Sram has failed completely. The battery located on the rear rack looks rather awful then pretty. The hub itself seems to be quite bulky too so perhaps Sram could have put a little bit more effort into the design site.

Availability of Sram electric bike drive

Right now Sram will be offering the new electric bike drive system to the OEM’s. As far as we know ther eown’t be any option to purchase tis kit in the after sales market but who knows, until 2013 still over one year so Sram might change their strategy. Electric bike conversions seem to be an ideal option for many users who already own a bike and simply would like to convert it into an electric bike. Time will show and we wait for the news from Sram.

Above image by bikerumor.com

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