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OXYDrive electric bike kit - driving the future forward - full overview

Here it is the OXYDrive™ electric bike kit, came up to the market unexpectedly in the shade of the famous BionX ebike kit and Wisper’s DaaHub (still not available on the market). Came unexpectedly and with big ‘whoof’ mainly because of it’s iconic and stylish design. This conversion fits on approx 70% of all bicycle frames without any modifications and this is the biggest usp of this product.

Cube Analog with OXYDrive ebike kitThe battery
The battery it’s a probably the most stylish and unique element of OXYDrive ebike kit. Normally it is located in the place of water bottle cage being screwed directly to the frame decals. For smaller frames or step through it can also be fitted to the seat post rack. The battery sits securely in the holding unit. It takes 2 seconds to fit the battery in the unit. It actually just click in and it’s there.
The battery pack itself it’s a 40 cell lithium polymer pack with 37V and 9Ah. It allows covering a distance of approx 35 miles with the mix of use of the throttle and the pedal assist.

OXYDrive battery

The motor
Located in the front wheel it’s a lightweight 2.9kg brushless geared motor. It has a great starting performance even from start on the pure throttle. The motor located in the front wheel makes it very easy to install. The wheel comes already fully spoked with quality stainless steel spokes and double walled rim. It is compatible with both mechanical disc brakes and the v-brakes.

OXYDrive motor

LCD Console
Very sophisticated and definitely one of the usp’s of OXYDrive. The display shows basic computer functions such a speed, daily distance, average speed, ODO but it also has a 5 levels of pedal assistance. It also shows the battery level indicator and the watt meter showing the current power output of the motor.  

This new very useful feature makes all connection very easy connect during installation but makes them all fully waterproof. All pins are golden plated with tight tolerance which makes them fully waterproof. The new harness is located under the handlebar stem which makes it almost very easy for maintenance purposes.  

OXYDrive - harness

Modes of operation.
OXYDrive electric bike kit is based on the speed sensor and it offers 5 different levels of assistance. It means that user can select the level of power assistance from 1 to 5 and additionally can use a thumb throttle to get even more power.

Speed sensor based system means that the motor will know when the user is pedalling and when to apply the assist. The biggest benefit of the speed sensor is that it’s a user can decide how much power assist wants at the certain moment. Unlike torque sensor based systems which are forcing users to put a continuous pedalling force onto crank arms the speed sensor makes the user a boss which decides when and how much assist is required.

The installation
OXYDrive™ recommends fitting this ebike conversion kit with a dealer whenever possible. Fitting it with a dealer simply eliminates any errors that the user might make during the fitting process. It also helps to overcome any issues that the user might face during installation. The kit despite being extremely versatile still might need a little bit of tweaking during installation. In the normal workshop condition it takes approx 2 hours to install it

This is a great looking conversion kit and definitely one of the best ones on the market. It seems to be a very well thought out product from scratch with high quality components. The price starting at £799 makes it not the cheapest but certainly the best ratio of value for money and quality ebike conversion kit. Great features of the both pedelec and throttle option makes it suitable for every user. Relatively easy to fit with fantastic design make sit definitely worth considering.

You can nowr this electric bike kit from £799. The e-bike kits will be available for 26'' and 700c rim sizes.


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